We Offer

•Very broad general management skills (Operation, Finance, HR, Commercial)
•Project management and negotiation skills
•Opportunity to develop management skills into leadership skills

Key Responsibilities

•Operational and Systems
1)Maximize efficiency and effectiveness of operations
2)Maximize synergies / streamline processes between J/V and Damco
3)Implement business applications and strive for High Jump's further enhancement & development.
4)Deliver excellent customer service and flawless operation to clients

1)Ensure that profitability targets are met

•Human Resources
1)Transfer of best practice from Damco
2)Develop and maintain comprehensive HR policies and guidelines
3)Development of staff and provide people with a motivating place to work

•Communication / Collaboration
1)Management of relationship with J/V partner, ensuring harmonious and beneficial outcome to the APMM group and the J/V
2)Balance the requirements of APMM versus the JV and facilitate WIN /
WIN outcome for all parties
3)Build up and keep healthy relationship with Damco Shenzhen CSO.

•Commercial / Business Development
1)Increase 3rd party's business percentage
2)Develop Import area and more value-added service and sell them to clients
3)Further develop and improve customer intimacy and maintain the relationship
4)continuously improve profit margin with more automation, better utilization, further optimization, etc

•Management and Administration
1)Reporting (Monthly / Board / Ad-hoc)
2)Implement Board resolutions
3)Maintain dialogue with Damco as required
4)Ensure that policies are being adhered to
5)Develop and Implement the business plan

Who we are looking for

•Damco Logistics experience
•Network / contacts within logistics industry
•Previous experience in similar role
•Relevant theo