SIMAC is Denmark’s largest maritime educational institution with 500 students and 90 highly educated and motivated employees. SIMAC offers three fields of studies.

The ship’s officer study programme combines the two classic study programmes shipmaster and marine engineer into one that provides students with a second to none marine education enabling them to operate a modern, technologically advanced merchant vessel.

A modern version of the classic marine engineer study programme. Automation, robot technology, process comprehension and management are the key areas of the adapted marine engineer study programme. Graduates of this programme qualify to work at sea as well as in land-based industries.

Both study programmes provide access to a wide range of jobs in the global shipping industry. The career path of a vast majority of our graduates includes the option of management positions at all levels.

The third opportunity is the shipmaster study programme. Upon completing the necessary time at sea this study programme qualifies the student to work as unrestricted shipmaster.

Besides being a modern, value-managed educational institution, SIMAC conducts comprehensive course activities that generate an annual turnover of more than DKK 9 million. Thus, the academy offers courses within SIMAC’s entire range of expertise, focusing on training in automation as well as bridge and engine-room simulation. SIMAC offers both standardized and customized training, the latter of which are usually designed in close cooperation with the customer. The courses are carried out using modern, educational methods centered upon the customers needs.

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|   Posted : 13.Sep.18
Søges til undervisning samt forsknings- og udviklingsopgaver

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Underviser Adjunkt

|   Posted : 26.Oct.17
SIMAC søger underviser

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Underviser - Maskinmester/navigatør/dual

|   Posted : 24.May.17

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|   Posted : 20.Apr.16
Svendborg International Maritime Academy søger underviser - maskinmester / dual til 1. august 2016

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|   Posted : 09.Oct.15
På SIMAC er du med til at uddanne fremtidens ledere til Det Blå Danmark. Det er her den nyeste maritime viden skabes og formidles. Du er med til at sikre, at fremtidens maskinmestre, skibsofficerer og skibsførere får de bedste kvalifikationer med sig ud i verden, fra deres uddannelse på SIMAC.

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|   Posted : 23.Apr.15
Svendborg International Maritime Academy - søger undervisere til 1. august 2015

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